The Waryn Family is a close-knit family that was founded by Kamryn Waryn and his wife Serafina on the planet of Kaon, seven days after their marriage.

Formed in an attempt to make the Waryn name carry on into the future, Kamryn and Serafina lead the family for nearly 29 years before the leadership of the family was past on to their eldest son Risholm in the midst of his 22 years of age, since he had just recently became father to his first child Aydyn Dylak.

Succession of leadership skipped a generation after Risholm due to Aydyn's detachment from the family, and the newest generation of Waryns fell under the lead of the youngest grand-daughter Crislyn Anessa.

Active members of the family.

Crislyn Anessa

Lady Commander of the Tionese Second Fleet, High Councillor and Minister of Enlightenment at Tion Hegemony.

Keeya Maelii

Researcher at Athakam MedTech.

Casten Maziel

Rector Superior of Athakam MedTech, High Councillor and Lord Minister of Medicine and Science at Tion Hegemony.